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Disposable Isolation Gowns-Yellow-XL

Disposable Isolation Gowns-Yellow-XL

Disposable Isolation Gowns-Yellow-XL
Disposable Isolation Gowns XL are made of 100% spunbonded polypropylene material. Strong, lightweight, and breathable with limited moisture resistance. Available in yellow with banded ties at the waist and neck and with elastic wrist (latex free). Isolation Gowns are packaged 50 per case.  

Disposable Isolations Gowns are designed to protect healthcare workers in any cleanroom environment from anticipated contact with certain bodily fluids. Using disposable gowns versus reusable gowns is becoming more widespread within the healthcare community. It is a cost-effective, highly-hygenic alternative to more expensive reusable gowns. Use of disposable gowns provides superior protection and nearly eliminates cross-contamination. These disposable gowns are made of a non-woven material also know as polypropylene, a single use material. Some other products that are generally made of polypropylene are surgical gowns, surgical drapes & covers, medical scrubs, shoe covers & bouffant caps. Fluid resistant gowns are made of a polypropylene coated in a top-layer of plastic known as polycoated polypropyelene or PE Coated polypropylene for maximum protection.

Isolation Gowns Feature: Benefits
* 100% Polyporpylene
* Elastic Wrists are Latex-Free
* Strong, Cool & Comfortable
* Fluid Resistant
* Full Length Coverage
* XL-for bigger & taller sizes
* 50 per case
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